Non-slip Soft Rubber Sole Socks For Infant Kids


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Newborn Baby Shoes Non-slip Soft Rubber Sole Socks For Infant Kids 


These neutral slippers and socks are designed to take care of your baby's

feet. These baby shoes are woven from a soft cotton fabric without

printing or dyeing. The socks are smooth and breathable and will not

irritate your baby's delicate skin

 These soft shoes, slippers and socks are breathable, light, fluffy and  

flexible. Make your baby feel comfortable. (This kind of footwear does

not support a hard upper, so when the size of the shoe is large, it is

easy to fall, )

 The bottom of the children’s grip socks has a silicone grip to prevent

it from slipping on the smooth floor and provide more protection for

your children when indoor activities. Your baby will love this slip-on

animal slipper. Let her run around and put on these soft slippers, just

like she/he.

 The rubber anti-collision toe cap protects the toes, cushions the

impact, and protects the toes from injury. The socks are made of

high-elastic material, not tight, which effectively maintains the

comfort of shoes and socks, and is not easy to fall.

Very suitable for wearing slippers at home. Very suitable for walking,

playing, crawling, going out, sleeping, etc. High-quality footwear is a

great gift. You can use it as your or your friend's son, daughter's

birthday, Christmas gift or family party.



Material:cotton spandex Rubber Soles;  


5 sizes : Please select the size according to the sole length.  




1.Please select the size according to the sole length. The actual foot length of the baby plus 0.5-0.8cm is the insole length.The age corresponding to the size is for reference only. Please measure the baby's foot length before selecting the size.


2.Due to different measurement methods, please allow an error of about 1cm.


3.There may be a slight color difference due to factors such as display pixels.


4.Due to logistics reasons, please allow the shoes to fold a little because of squeezing. Please restore the shoes to their original state.

Package Included:

1 pair of sock shoes




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