Geometric Board Game


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Montessori Educational Wooden Toys Children Busy Board Math Fishing Children’s Wooden Preschool Montessori Toy Counting Geometry

Material: wooden
Product Category: Three-dimensional puzzle
Item No.: Fishing log board
Specification: 42*15
3C configuration category: wooden toys under 14 years old
Three in one pair number board to send storage bag,
Ocean fishing five in one pair number board to send storage bag,
Five in one fishing logarithmic board to send storage bag,
Thick marine round fish five-in-one free storage bag,
Thickened Macaron round fish five in one free storage bag,
Thickened forest beaded logarithmic board,
Large ocean six in one alphanumeric logarithmic board,
Medium six in one alphanumeric logarithmic board,
Animal alphanumeric logarithmic board,
Dinosaur digital logarithmic board,
Character traffic large multifunctional logarithmic board

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Fine wood/Seiko craftsman
Green water paint/Enlightenment of wisdom

10 color recognition
10 digit cognition, early mathematics teaching
10 geometry recognition
10 striped fish to improve children’s hand eye coordination
A variety of playing methods, early teaching and learning

Digital cognition
Safety, green and environmental protection

Shape matching
Geometry is easy for baby to grasp

Ferrule pair
The number 7 has corresponding shapes and 7 sets of Graphs

Funny Fishing
Strong magnetism, challenging gravity

The higher the column, the larger the number and the more turns

Operational cognition
Learn the word “play” in two ways

It adopts superior thickened wood splint, and the corners are
polished manually. The wood is firm and resistant to falling,
round and free of burr

The products are all environmental friendly water-based
paint with bright color

Laser engraving technology, burr rejection

Product detail display

Product size display

Real shot display

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Wood, Wood



Model Number

Montessori education toy,

Age Range

> 3 years old






Keep away from fire, keep away from fire


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